I have created a unique collage technique by adapting the Italian craft mosaico minuto—a Roman mosaic technique using minuscule glass tiles—by substituting the glass tesserae with either high quality printed papers or pieces cut from my own acrylic painted papers. My tools and materials are simple: scissors, glue, paper. The resulting mosaics are realistic pictures made by piecing together thousands of disparate bits of paper. As I work, these images meld with the music, language and images of others—their sounds, words and pictures now incorporated into my own.

My paper mosaics are a visual journal of my life, graphic souvenirs of memories stretching from my New England childhood to my present-day life in Oregon. Each serves as a journal entry marking a moment and containing a story from my life. Viewed together the mosaics form a personal narrative with each tied to a sense of place and specific part of my life experience. Some of my mosaics are transitory glimpses of places seen during my travels; others are of places I’ve lived or revisited over time. Using images primarily derived from my photographs I incorporate some aspect of landscape, memory and journey into all of my work.

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